OVER The Munah

By Sharon M. Cirillo

I recently attended a Yoga class in Morristown taught by instructor Munah Hayes featuring” her own method of combining traditional Yoga with an ample dose of her unique spirituality, intuitive conversation, and beautiful music.

Arriving early to get a spot, I chatted with the others in the class and noted the infectious enthusiasm and love they felt for her.

The moment she strode through the door, I understood what the fuss was about. Clad in her fur vest, large sunglasses and bold jewelry she breezed into the room like a movie star taking her place on the set.

I jumped up to introduce myself, and she engulfed me with her warm and authentic embrace. What ensued was one of the most unique experiences I have had to date.

Munah describes herself as a “curvaceous woman of color,” and she provides a “judgment-free space where people can come and unravel the deepest chambers of their hearts.”

She presents the poses in layman’s terms, although it is apparent she understands the meaning and structure of each one, with over 250 hours in Yoga training from Ramapo College under her belt.

Combining a workout suitable for every level with modified poses, she speaks words of encouragement and edification paying close attention to proper alignment.

She is so in tune with her class it transcends the physical exercise. For those who are
open to it, the experience can be transformative as she feeds the soul while working the body.

As we entered into final relaxation, I allowed the music to wash over me. I heard the most melodic voice humming and had to open my eyes. There was Munah, one with her music gracing us with her deep and soulful voice.

I allowed myself to relax once again and soaked in what felt like praise and thanksgiving
wafting from her heart. Instead of ending class with the traditional Ohm, we sang as a group, led by Munah.

There was no awkwardness, just a group of peaceful, happy people singing about choosing joy.

I hung around after class for a few minutes when a group from the Daily Plan-It came in. Munah beamed proudly introducing me to each person.

Struggling with disabilities, this is the place they come to practice movement, be encouraged, and keep Munah grounded as she volunteers her time to serve each man and woman who participates.

Some could walk, others were in wheelchairs, yet all of them arrived excited to be in a class led by someone so deeply invested in them. Munah also volunteers her time as a translator for Hayes Language Institute, owned and operated by her mother, Willa Hayes, and International

Munah struggled with many challenges in her own life, and she is driven to help “free others from the internal hells that are created by poor spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.”

She views herself as a servant of the community, cradling her students in love and getting back as much as she gives.

She collaborates with The Morristown and Morris Township Library, Zufall Wellness Center, Morristown Neighborhood House, and the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown as well as
the Rose House, in Cedar Knolls, Brahma House in Bridgewater and WARM in Harlem, NY.

Focusing on discovering what one needs from the inside out, some of the services she provides include guided meditation sessions, public and private Yoga, Munahology Movement, Zumba, Fierce4, Health Coaching Consultations, and Sound Vibration Healing Sessions.

For more information about this special lady, please visit www.Munahology.weebly.com or contact Munah at munahhayes@gmail.com.