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RJ Cobbs is well known around Morristown and Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. His training center, Inception Sports Performance, is popular with children and adults alike. RJ’s love of fitness started long before he even understood the concept of exercise and “getting fit”. Working out was more of a hobby than a chore and he knew that the more he honed his skills, the better he was on the playing field. From college to the NFL, he learned he had a knack for fitness and a talent for teaching others. Both of which he continues to put to good use.

Formative Years

RJ Cobbs grew up in Morristown and Parsippany, New Jersey. Extremely active, he began to excel in sports at a very early age. After graduating from Parsippany Hills High School, RJ attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus. During his first year on the football team, he earned Rookie of the Year of the Nation.

Living the Dream

After graduating from UMass, RJ was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. After a short period of time, he was traded to the NY Giants. After experiencing a career-ending injury, RJ turned his talents toward helping others. He took his knowledge of both sports and fitness in order to take over and grow Inception Sports Performance where he re-established himself as a speed and agility coach, football specialist, and strength trainer.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

With his NFL career behind him, RJ opened his classes up to children and adults alike. He believes that fitness habits are best established when children are in the developmental age of skill.

He also understands that, in most cases, a person’s biggest obstacle is themselves. He has found a way to use his extensive knowledge to both encourage and motivate kids and adults alike to be the very best that they can be.

RJ has learned to focus his teaching skills and coaching talents into molding young athletes. He currently acts as the coach for the 6th Grade national football team in the NE region affiliated with Football University and the head defensive coach for the 9th Grade All American football team that currently practices out of Inception Sports Performance.

Motivating Others

Throughout his many years of working out and helping to guide others onto the fitness path, he’s learned that one of any exercise’s main benefits is it aids in healing. He says, “Being fit is the best insurance.” His goal is to drive others into believing that the healthiest versions of themselves are the best versions.

Through hard work and persistence, he hopes to help others avoid self-doubt and provide them with the motivation and support system they need to walk a healthier path. He encourages others to “Be patient and stay out of your head. People are their own biggest obstacle.”


His goal as he continues to open his doors to new clients at the center is to help people lose weight, relieve stress, and perfect their athletic abilities. Building healthy habits should start at an early age and RJ Cobbs is here to provide his clients with the resources and incentives they need to do just that.


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