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Welcome to the Jungle

//Welcome to the Jungle

What started as a family oriented business, has now turned into a growing juice bar that has expanded to cover four New Jersey locations. This bustling juice bar was born out of the desire to create deliciously delightful juices and smoothies and be able to provide a service to the community that not only promoted good health but helped people achieve it.

Passion + Experience = Good Health Choices

The owner of Jungle Juice, Raymond Kwok, took his passion for fitness and his experience at making some incredibly tasty smoothies and turned it into a juice bar specifically for individuals who want to make good health choices. As a person who was dedicated to achieving the highest level of physical fitness, he realized that what he had learned could benefit others. The best way to reach the public was to offer them something delicious and full of nutrients. The result is Jungle Juice!

Exploring the Benefits of Fresh Smoothies and Juices

Fresh fruit/vegetable smoothies and juices offer a variety of benefits over and above simple nutrition. A few of those benefits include: • Drink them on the go! • A smoothie can replace a meal when you don’t have time to stop and eat like you should • Smoothies are an affordable option to fast food • Four convenient locations The best benefit of all is that they taste great!

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Multiple Locations

Since the first Jungle Juice opened in Morristown, NJ, three more locations have now been added. They include Hoboken, Cranford, and Madison. If you are interested in finding healthy options for your lunch-time meal, Jungle Juice offers a variety of options that will provide you with the nutrients you need and a powerful energy boost to get you through the rest of your day.

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