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She Went from A Size 18 to a Size 12

//She Went from A Size 18 to a Size 12

I called her immediately following my doctor’s appointment. I weighed in at 199 pounds (it was really 201 but I bargained for the two pounds of clothing I was wearing!). And then the doctor read me the riot act… “Get your cholesterol down, lower your AIC, and lower your triglyceride numbers—or I am putting you on medication to do the job.”

I am a therapist and have worked extensively with people who have had bariatric weight loss surgery. In a former lifetime I was a Nutri-system counselor, I have been on and off diets all my life. I knew how to lose weight, I just didn’t know how to not gain it all back again plus more. I knew this time it had to be different.

I called Kathy and signed up for her Signature Lifestyle and Nutrition program. I expected weight loss, and yes, that happened. In fact, I am 31 pounds lighter in 12 weeks. My 5’ 6” self went from a size 18 (stretchy pants) to a size 12 (zippered slacks!).

Kathy is so knowledgeable and understanding—she gets “it” and she got me. She provided easy instructions for what to eat and what to avoid and had faith in my ability to make this change toward health.

“And it happened”!

My energy level SOARED. I was full eating good healthy food and I had NO FOOD CRAVINGS!

Not only do I PASS UP SUGAR now, I don’t even think about it! Kathy was an amazing guide through this process of transformation. Our bi-weekly coaching sessions identified some of the emotional blocks that are underneath all the weight. I am so grateful to Kathy as with her help I have reclaimed my body and my life. Months later, here I am, on my meal plan, feeling great and healthy!

I went to review my results with my doctor. She looked at my new results and said, “THIS IS REMARKABLE; how did you do it?” I told her that I worked with an amazingly gifted guide and mentor.

My blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 110/60 (which is excellent). My BMI went from 33 (which is obese) to 27.76.

My weight dropped from 201 pounds to 170 and steadily I am finding the sweet spot for maintenance. (I have never been here before and it is WILDLY EXCITING!!!)

Happy beautiful successful plus size woman raising arms to the sky outdoor in summer

My hemoglobin A1C (the marker for diabetes) dropped from 5.4% to 5.2%. My triglycerides dropped from 118 mg to 76 mg (or 64 %!!!), HDL from 59 mg to 60 mg; my VLDL cholesterol (the cholesterol associated with the development of plaque deposits on artery walls) dropped from 24mg to 15 mg.

Turns out, (especially for middle aged women like myself) that people with “good” HDL cholesterol and low triglycerides may actually be at a lower risk for heart disease then people with “normal” cholesterol levels and higher levels of bad cholesterol AND THAT WOULD BE ME! Thank you Kathy for giving me my life back!!!!

Kathy D’Agati is Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Her company is Back to Basic Wellness. Her programs are designed to give you the support and guidance you need to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. She specializes in food intolerances, acid reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, persistent weight gain, and autoimmune disease.

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