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Momma On The Move

//Momma On The Move

Evonna Campbell has always been active. Raised during a time when the street lights were your cue to come inside, she spent her time outside figure skating or playing hockey with her brother. With no video games or social media to occupy her time, she was always active, pursuing a variety of interests and athletic activities. After graduating from high school, she attended Temple University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Mind

After college, Evonna married her best friend and together they had three children. Already living an active life style, being a mother added a whole new dimension. Healthy living took on an entirely new meaning. Exercise became a necessity, both as a stress reliever as well as a way to remain healthy and vibrant. She took on the mantra of “A healthy body equals a healthy mind.” She included her kids and began to teach them the importance of both a good diet and an active lifestyle. During the process, she made it her goal to train for and successfully complete at least a half marathon and possibly even a full marathon event.

From Sales Professional to Fitness Maven

For several years, Evonna has been a recognized sales professional, receiving many awards and accolades from her peers. When she worked as a National Sales Trainer for Comcast, she began to realize that her teaching efforts could serve a much better purpose. Her passion was eventually realized when her young son became ill with an upper respiratory infection. She began to realize her purpose was not teaching sales, but teaching those around her how to live a healthier more active lifestyle.

After learning about how some of the toxins in her home were contributing to her son’s condition, she began to rethink many of the most common practices and products she grew up with. She researched the products she purchased and learned new, healthier ways to prepare meals and clean her home. She has taken the knowledge and experience she’s gained and has started a new journey towards better health.

She embraces her ability to educate others and continues to live a healthy lifestyle through her blog www.squadoffiveandapuggle.com.

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