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Make It A Point To Go Green At Green Point Juicery

//Make It A Point To Go Green At Green Point Juicery

Green Point Juicery is Morristown’s go-to spot if you want the healthiest food and beverages in town. From a pick-me-up smoothie to get you going before work to a healthy birthday cake for your spouse or kids.  Customers range from middle school students to seniors on the go.

Go Green!

The juices and foods produced at Green Point Juicery are made from the freshest, organic produce available. Fresh means nutritious, that’s why all of their products are made fresh to odor.

Juices are cold-pressed using a hydraulic press that maximizes the pressure and juices out every possible nutrient. Ingredients are 100% organic to ensure every menu item is of the highest quality possible.

Locally Sourced as Much as Possible

Healthy communities promote healthy people. Buying locally keeps the community strong. The staff of Green Point Juicery makes it a point to buy as much of their produce from local farmers as absolutely possible. They know that good health starts at home. Locally grown produce is fresher and helps to maintain the shortest amount of time between field to table making sure most of the nutrients remain intact. Eugene Onishkevich knows that to be healthy, you have to start with the healthiest foods.




The juices and other menu items he creates at Green Point Juicery are both delicious and satisfying no matter how old you are! Locally grown and close to home are always best! First in Verona, and now in Morristown, Green Point Juicery has two convenient locations!

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