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Kicking It Up A Notch

//Kicking It Up A Notch

Tara Connell has been an athlete all of her life. From playing softball and basketball with her siblings and classmates to eventually opening a CKO Kickboxing franchise in Maplewood, New Jersey. In her family, fitness wasn’t just something to strive for. It was something that was incorporated into almost everything Tara and her family did. She was raised to appreciate fitness and explore ways to maintain good health through a healthy lifestyle.


After graduating from Manhattan College with a BS in Marketing, she continued to maintain her athletic lifestyle. She trained for marathons while orchestrating corporate events in New York City. A friend introduced her to CKO Kickboxing as a way of getting back into shape after the birth of her first child. Once she became more involved, she learned that kickboxing offered so much more than simple stress-free workouts. They were fun & exciting, and even allowed her to exceed the level of fitness she was accustomed to. Five years after being introduced to CKO Kickboxing and feeling like a million bucks, Tara and her husband, JJ, chose to open a franchise of their own.


Tara went from being a student-athlete to an adult who owns a thriving fitness business, and she continues to maintain her healthy, active lifestyle. For her, working out and staying active is the therapy she uses to deal with the stresses of her everyday life. Kickboxing is her stress-release that allows her to work through her frustrations. In addition to kickboxing, she runs obstacle course and road races as a way of clearing her mind and keeping her grounded, which, in turn, allows her to embrace her happiness.

As a fitness instructor at CKO Kickboxing in Maplewood, New Jersey, Tara works every day to prove to her clients that living a healthy lifestyle will help to improve their mood and allow them to be more productive. Whenever she feels like things are getting to her, she just focuses on her future and kicks it up a notch.

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