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For The Love of Food

//For The Love of Food


Dr. Carla Dicenzo-Flynn is an Internal Medicine doctor who specializes in Metabolic Nutrition.

As a nutrition doctor, she sees patients with a multitude of nutritional disorders including but not limited to obesity, medical weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypercholesterolemia, bariatric surgery, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, celiac disorder, Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea and many others.

Her extensive training and knowledge of the nutritional needs of the body, combined with the love of fresh, high quality and homemade foods began as a child. Growing up in an Italian family in Brazil, Dr. Flynn was raised eating fresh fruits, vegetables and poultry directly from her grandparent’s small farm.

Her diet became less healthy when she moved away from home.  Overtime, she began to realize she was missing the fresh foods of her youth. She missed standing in the kitchen with her grandmother lovingly creating high-quality dishes made fresh from scratch that she shared with her family every Sunday.

Today, Dr. Flynn remembers the lessons her grandmother taught her in that great Italian kitchen. Fresh is best and cooking with love always adds the best flavors. Along with those important lessons taught by her grandmother, Dr. Flynn has an extensive knowledge base of how nutrition and food function in the body as well as the diagnosis and treatment of nutritional disorders. Using these skills, Dr. Flynn goes through great lengths to help each patient understand how the foods they eat may be affecting their bodies.

Dr. Flynn is the founder and director of METANU Center, a metabolic nutrition center in Morristown NJ. At METANU, Dr. Flynn works with each patient to develop individualized care to fit the needs and the goal of each patient. She does not believe in the one-size fits all approach. Dr. Flynn works closely with her Registered Dietitian to create meal plans, nutrition goals, and close monitoring of each patient and their specific nutrition needs.

Contact METANU Center today to diagnose any nutritional problems, change your lifestyle, and improve your health and life.

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