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A person who is physically and mentally fit can experience a devastating diagnosis.

Andrea Ottaiano has always lived a fitness-oriented life. From the time she was a young athlete competing in gymnastics and playing softball until graduating from New York’s Gallatin School with a Master’s degree, she lived an active lifestyle. She pursued her career in advertising and medical education and always tried to walk her talk when it came to fitness and following a healthy lifestyle.

No matter how hectic her life is, she has always made personal fitness and good health a priority.

Growing up, she participated in her town’s recreational programs, taught gymnastics, attended day camp, and was as active as possible. As an adult, she ran 5k, 10k, half marathon and participated in bike tour events. She enjoyed skiing, skating, sailing, softball in Central Park, NYC swimming, dancing, aerobics, kickboxing, and yoga. Like many athletic-minded women, Andrea loves competition and enjoys the feeling that comes along with being in good, physical shape. Even today, yoga, hiking, bike riding on boardwalks, trails and sprint running/walking are her favorite activities.

Physical fitness isn’t the only important health factor in Andrea’s life. She loves to cook, choosing mostly organic produce and creating recipes that provide the maximum amount of nutrients to fuel her healthy lifestyle. Growing up, Andrea lived in a typical Italian American household where cold cuts and processed meats were thought to be excellent choices for high protein meals. After her health scare, she began to research and solicit opinions from top health advocates on how to refine her eating habits. Although she was already making healthier food choices, the devastating diagnosis pushed her more firmly onto the right path.

Andrea received her first cancer diagnosis in 2007 the day after her now 12-yearold son just turned one year old. Her daughter was just 2 and a half…big blurrrrrr!!!!!

When she received the news, she was faced with several decisions concerning her health. She could cave and listen and believe the grim prognosis she was given, or she could “fight it”, like a mentally strong person/an athlete running up that horrifying “heartbreak hill” during the Boston Marathon!!!

Although she was physically fit, there was still more that she could be doing. She decided to take her fitness to the next level. This included pushing herself physically, academically and mentally to remain strong and healthy. She researched many nutrition and health coaching schools and finally enrolled in 2013 and then graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in May of 2014.

During her year in school, she endured 2 major lung and liver metastasis that would have put most people over the edge and ready to give up. But, she did not give up! She endured surgeries, radioactive y90 SIRT, and more chemo because she wanted to see her kids graduate elementary school at Normandy Park in Morristown, NJ,Andrea also fine-tuned her diet, eliminating the foods that weakened her body’s immune system, such as dairy and included foods and holistic practices like Reiki and acupuncture that enhanced her nutritional/ personal care intake each day.

Throughout her life, living a healthy lifestyle gave her the tools she needed to beat her cancer. Now, she is using those same tools to teach others how to face cancer head-on and do what they need to do to remain as healthy and fit as possible throughout their treatment. As a health coach, she works with cancer patients, both as an advocate for wellness and as an educator to help them find new ways to fight their illness.

After having beat cancer three times, Andrea Ottaiano has a full arsenal at her disposal to help her clients maintain their positive attitude and good health.

To contact Andrea Ottaiano, MA, CHC Ottaiano@msn.com (Facebook) SilverLiningHolisticHealth (Instagram) @silverliningholistichealth

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