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Wellness is Everywhere HERE

Wellness is Everywhere HERE Scores of Montclair entrepreneurs, together with health-related non-profits, do all they can to keep residents in tip-top shape. Walk along Montclair’s main streets and its commitment to health and wellness is hard to miss: Yoga studios, massage therapy centers, restaurants touting organic and vegetarian options, and practitioners of traditional and complementary medicine dot the streets. All told, Montclair has 14 acupuncturists, 26 chiropractors, 78 dentists, 117 personal trainers and 200+ physicians [...]

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Your Nutrition & Your Health

Your Nutrition & Your Health By Dr. Frantz Pierre-Louis & Lloyd Pierre-Louis   With the right food, medication is of no use... With the wrong food, the doctor is of no help. This is the general idea stipulated by the Ayurvedic medicine. This statement perfectly aligns with the opinions and beliefs of many people from the scientific community among others. Frederic Saldmann, a French cardiologist, nutritionist and speaker addressed relentlessly the virtues of food and [...]

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OBESITY & CANCER, IF FAT WASN'T ENOUGH By Selena Ricci There are few things worse than being so fat that you hate looking in the mirror. Shopping for clothes that are anything besides leisure wear is painful and don’t get me started on what it’s like to get winded when you bend down to tie your shoelaces. Even if you somehow manage to find clothes that you feel slightly confident in, you’ll quickly get thrown [...]

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Build Your Own Bowl at Sweetberry Bowls

Build Your Own Bowl at Sweetberry Bowls By Elizabeth Ferrari Sweetberry Bowls takes your taste buds on an adventure, and your body will thank you later! Founder and CEO, Desi Saran, along with his partner, Frankie Lo Picco-lo, believe in the potential of the human body. With a strong desire to promote a healthier lifestyle, their dream is to be at the forefront of the clean eating movement in Montclair. What Makes Sweetberry Bowls special? [...]

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Trust in the Compassionate Care Offered at People’s Care Institute

Trust in the Compassionate Care Offered at People's Care Institute By Elizabeth Ferrari After a series of unexpected but welcome events in the spring of 2016, Dr. Frantz Pierre-Louis and Dr. Esira Jaimie Beaubrun followed their own path and vision and opened People Care Institute in June 2017 to bring compassionate, people-centered care to Bloomfield, New Jersey and the neighboring areas. Dr. Pierre-Louis is Board Certified as an Infectious Disease Specialist and an Internist. As [...]

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ACUPUNCTURE USING A HOLISTIC APPROACH MEANS ADDRESSING BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT “Holistic means to take a step back, and to look at the entire person/patient as they present in front of me.” Within his practice, Apple Acupuncture in Montclair, Dr. Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, LAc, treats the “whole” person. “To take a holistic approach means to ask several questions and to listen deeply to the patient. This allows me to gain more insight into why the [...]

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A UNIFIED APPROACH TO Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healing

A UNIFIED APPROACH TO Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healing Joining forces to enhance the lives of their patients, Cristina R. de La Mar and Phil Veneziano of Seven Point Wellness, a local husband and wife team of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, recently expanded their Midtown Manhattan clinic with a second location in Millburn, NJ (adjacent to the Short Hills Surgery Center, in the Trader Joe’s complex). Their Millburn clinic offers a calm, peaceful atmosphere [...]

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Getting Your Mind Right: The Importance of Maintaining Your Mental Health to Achieve Overall Wellness

Getting Your Mind Right: The Importance of Maintaining Your Mental Health to Achieve Overall Wellness By Natasha Manning-Gibbs, Ph.D. When you think about health and wellness do you consider your mental health? If you answered “no”, you are not alone. Western society typically equates wellness with physical aspects such as maintaining a proper diet and regular exercise. Although those dimensions of wellness play key roles in our health, it is important to also put an [...]

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