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Cancer may be the one most dreaded word that could come out of the mouth of a doctor. Being diagnosed with cancer is life-altering at best, at worst, it is devastating in every possible way. In addition to being one of the deadliest diseases known to science, it can also be incredibly difficult to bear the financial burden of most cancer treatments. A diagnosis of cancer can drive a family into debt, bankruptcy, and total financial ruin. All of this, on top of the emotional strain, can be unbearable for some.

Bringing Hope to Families in Philadelphia Suffering from a Cancer Diagnosis No one knows this better than the founders of Bringing Hope Home, (BHH). In the early 2000’s Paul Isenberg’s wife, Nicole was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Disease. Paul was fortunate enough to have a good job with flexible hours, but they still found it incredibly difficult to bear the financial burden. Nicole lost her fight with cancer after six grueling years. During that time their small family was helped along the way with a great deal of care and support from friends and family.

Unwilling to have lost his beloved wife in vain, Paul enlisted the help of his friend Tim Sherry and they created BHH. They drew their inspiration from the many people who contributed so much during Paul and Nicole’s long battle. They forged a network that offers financial help to Families with cancer in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

BHH provides financial assistance and emotional support for Philadelphia area families. They pay utility bills, car payments, rent or mortgage, and much more depending on the needs of the person and their family.

There are no restrictions as to who may be helped outside of geography and the limitations of donor-supported funding. That is why it is so important for BHH to grow its support base- there are always more people suffering from cancer who might be helped.

A Proven Model for Helping Cancer Patients BHH raises money through their school program, fund raising events, corporate sponsorships, and private donors. To date, BHH has helped more than 4,800 Families. Their average activity level ranges from 30 to 60 Families helped every month.

Despite the fact that BHH has helped so many and continues to help so many more, Paul is never satisfied. At present, his goal is to grow the charity to the point where it can help at least 100 Families every month. BHH endeavors to connect the Families with their donors- to the extent the family is comfortable.

Over the years, BHH has pioneered a process for delivering help to Philadelphia area Families. It has been vetted in over a decade of successful use with the ability to maximize every dollar to benefit our Families with cancer.

BHH offers a ready avenue for those who wish to help and are ready to give back- as well as much needed resources to people suffering through one of the hardest blows that life can deliver.

For more information about how you can be a part of Bringing Hope Home, please visit: www.bringinghopehome.org.

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