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13 Stars Crossfit & Morristown

//13 Stars Crossfit & Morristown

From its inception in 2000, CrossFit has been growing and expanding by leaps and bounds. Morristown, NJ has also been experiencing a period of exceptional growth. When Brian Vagnini and his partners, Greg Dillon and Dan Moran choose to open CrossFit 13 Stars in Morristown, it was like putting a match to a flame.

CrossFit’s growth combined with Morristown’s continuing expansion worked together to create a hugely successful fitness center that is now reaching out to anyone and everyone who has an interest in improving their health.

Coming together and Making a Difference

Brian began really taking his fitness goals seriously during the years he attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. At practically the same time in 2000, CrossFit was being brought to life on the west coast. In 2007 when CrossFit started to make its appearance on the east coast, Brian and his girlfriend, an avid runner who ran for Rutgers University”, began to include it into the workout repertoire. Brian and his girlfriend married in 2012 and two years later joined forces with Brian’s uncle, Greg Dillon, and his college friend, Dan Moran. Together, the group formed CrossFit 13 Stars.

Embracing the Challenge

As each member of the group worked toward their own fitness goals, they quickly learned that what people often lacked was a way to keep their routines fresh. One of the goals of the CrossFit 13 Stars’ staff was to introduce members to new and unique workout routines. They introduced routines that encouraged members to embrace the challenge associated with becoming fit. Consistency is key.

Beginning a new diet or exercise regimen will only bring successful results if they are applied and utilized consistently. This can include maintaining a regular workout schedule or sticking with a diet plan even though it may take a while for it to start showing results. Instead of checking your weight daily, do it weekly or bi-weekly and stop stressing about it, results will not be viable overnight. CrossFit 13 Starts helps members remain both consistent and committed to their health and fitness goals.

Helping Others Overcome their fitness challenges

The ultimate goal of Brian and his colleagues is to help others overcome the fitness challenges they face by teaching them new and innovative ways to train. They teach that fitness is a journey, and that it takes time and dedication to keep moving forward. It takes time and dedication to keep moving forward. Together the staff of CrossFit 13 Stars and Morristown, NJ continue to grow and expand, working together to build a healthier, more active community.

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